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At Lavondyss we're interested in providing a place where anyone can feel welcome, an atmosphere of respect, where all who enter sense the wonder of the old-fashioned town square. We are a community center of events, entertainment, open-minded business, and new ideas -- an ever changing, varied collection of influences under one roof. We seek integrity and honesty in the diversity for which we strive. A synthesis of a simple paradox.

We hope that after reading this, or when examining our work, you will be inspired to smile and create, knowing that all possibilities depend upon your imagination.

As always, forward & extent!

Chris Erickson & Jody Schiesser, partners
Lavondyss Productions

Business Sites

o Bodyscapes Phototours
Beautiful photography workshops that combine the human figure in unique landscapes.

Art, Literature, & Entertainment

o Mythago
Mythago is a gallery collection of innocent beauty and strange delight, never static, always changing.
o Rumble & Woodsmoke
A collection of writings that play with myth and wonder.
o Praise Bob Magazine
Everything comes alive in the experimental virtual version of this magazine, an urge to be aware and create, and to always forward and extend.
o The Spo-It's
An experimental/industrial noise band from Savannah, Georgia USA.

Lavondyss is one of the top 5% sites on the Internet, check out our review at Point Communications.

Glenn Davis's Cool Site of the Day featured us as a Categorically Cool site for the week of November 6, 1995.

The UK magazine Photon published one of the photographs from our Mythago gallery in its September 1995 print edition, along with the words that the picture came from one of the "three top Internet WWW exhibits."

Words from our visitors:

I've had a great evening browsing through your site. I will definitely return at regular intervals. Your page layouts, textures, colours, etc. are fantastic.
-- Regards, John

A delightful and fascinating tour. I've made a permanent bookmark.
-- Tal Williams

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