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flux ephemera
curve of oak   
© 2000, Jody Schiesser 

Her waterfall necklace lay there, and it was thrumming, the energy rolling from it in rushes that matched my heartbeat.  I held my hands near it, and I felt the buzz of energy tingling.  I half-closed my eyes.  Multi-colored light began to flute out of the reflective shell of the necklace, and the light transformed into hundreds of tiny butterflies fountaining from my chest, their wings colored soft pastels, blues, purples, greens, yellows, peach.  The room filled with them, and I felt their soft wings brush against my skin and face, subtle impressions against my eyelids.  A sensual hum intensified in the necklace and then it flowed into my chest and into my stomach and down through my legs and then it flew out.  The necklace slowly quieted and the butterflies melted away, the pastel colors quietly merging with the sunlight through the window.

~ Lower Mythago 

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