green silver purple. the clouds or the leaves of a goddess, the flash shadow she has left and a place she will be again. the call is strong, heed it.
know. love. walk through a meadow of dandelions & grasshoppers, a patch of clover. somewhere within the luck is the jester friend with his tricks and his gifts, the beat-beat of birthing stars, galaxies, the eyes -- blue * blue * blue of bright ecstasy, dark hair and all kinds, the creatures with their crackle and roar.

can you know within this secret? smooth kiss.

running with awkwardness.

cereal surprise understand & smile

leaning from the doorway
fire and the crow's stories of the clear space beyond the whiteness, the core where winged magic is set free, where it all happens so truly, so beautiful, that place, at the heart of the universe, beneath all the pretend, the world of honesty, truth, belief, play, joy, and above all - love.
long body


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