Mr. Malcolm McClarion

Dear Mr. Malcolm Mickclaron and his people that work for him,

Hi. I met you a few months ago in san francisco at your lovely dumb party. at first, no one would let me in because they thaught i is homeless and stuff. second, there weren't any damn free drinks!?!?! what the hell!!!!!! when i asked Maukken McLarryon to buy me one, he told me to "shut the hell up you fat wanker, get the hell away from me"!!!! You shut up Mr McCrackHead! Why are you sooo mean to me? you hurt mine feelings you bozo. shut up. THen I axed were the after farty is and he told me to go to this hoTEl in the Fucking Tendeerloin!!! That just so happens to be a very very bad part of town here in my hometown of San Francisco! Why did you do this to me??? since I had to walk there since I had no money, some stupid homeless person followed me for 2.3 miles! He said he was going to your fucked up after farty also. He was just saying that thinking he could meet you and try to take you wallet. why does you girlfriend smoke smelly cigars? She must have bad breathe. The Homeless person actually ended up being cool and selling me some crack but It fell out of a hole in my pant pockets. Mr McClean, do you have birds living in your wig? How come when i threw blood up all over the club where your party was, noone hellped me? What is your problem? How come you didn't have any CD's for me either? Am I supposed to buy it or something? Issac Hayes at least talked to me. You were threatning to pee on me! I don't need your crap anymore! Where is your girlfriend? Would she like to go on a date with me? I don't got a job yet but I am really trying hard but nonone will hire me cause I don't got a bicycle. What the fuck! How am I supposed to buy a bicycle without money from a job???? Its just another example of the MAN trying to keep my ass down.

Help me mr. maukom McCarrot.

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