beautiful thing, a fragment


but it is true, they fear it more than death,
beauty is feared more than death,
more than they fear death,
beautiful thing...

a dark flame
I can't think unless you're naked

smooth faced girl against a door, all white
teeth hidden behind lightly lipsticked lips
grasp hold feel the curve of life
slide silent-smooth under your hand

mushroom ally she is friendly.
she gives you things.
she doesn't seem at all malevolent.

the hiss of a rattlesnake
the body of a black lake
spicy gumbo, guitar soaked night
youth, America, poetry
shirts with words like sweet on them
they hint, mock, they scream
shadow female belly

a dwarf walks by, asks:
"Are there spots in a leopard's eyes?"
don't answer, unless you know


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Written by Jody Schiesser
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