Broken, blood-streaked mirror
On my fuckin' life
No religion
can make me feel any better
while a god-fucked steel blade
Seethes in my guts

Laugh, laugh, laugh . . . i can't stop laughing
You see
Life is so funny
it isn't real
Death is just death

i wonder how it will feel to lie rotting in my grave
it is something you can never know
when you die it is Game Over
no chance to continue
and you don't have a quarter any how

Sharp, shiny, silver knife
Salty red
life seeps into pink bath water
carved into the wall screams
cum in my face
Fucking world
There's no one to give
me a grip
No one else but me

Duck my head in the toilet
hold my breath
fling my wet head
away from the bowl
dripping water flying, staining
screaming, screaming
cold fucking water

pain and someone stuck a needle
poking through my finger nail
this kind of hurts
giggle madly
eat some Doritos

beauty, love, what trash
silly fuckin' illusions to fool the people
Lies stomping on their bruised backs
So they suffer
and don't see that the wall
is blank
No writing on it
just blank

blackened-red grin sliced bleeding lips
filled with mirror slivers
cry why why why

swallowed eyeball, breasts, nipples,
a collage of women, flesh, eyes
and you know you want to do it
so the parasitic DNA in you
can fucking live
but who wants to fuck
when you are just giving up your immortality
to nothing
but a yellow sky, dead grass, and laughter
and a fucking kid who won't give a shit about you
but who will play a game of running
out in front of speeding cars
to die and laugh a splattered mess because he
knows the secret
and there is no escape.

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