Death of an Innocence
peering into the infinite
I. the on ramp

purple sunsets fade into naked black light
music vibrates behind my ears in sweet sun soft colors
green, evil trees beckon to me from beneath an electric sky
exploding pinpoints of light appear in front of me
lightwaves radiate from you scattering particles of me
i look at you & see nothing but light
shooting from the sun, warming me, warming us
i close, then open, my eyes to you

II. highway emptiness

last time i lay before you
& the moon shudders & dances w/ me
the wind rolls over me
& i hate to close my eyes because all i see is you
& that's why i'm like this now
plucking on guitar strings, sweet melodies
the concrete is cold, chilled by you
but the wind is warm & helps me somewhat
but i still cannot close my eyes

III. exit to blackness

shoots in front of my eyes
and i want to be pure
your fuzzy words buzz around me
electric green soaks
into everything
a dose of orange
makes it home
& everything in between
i can hear you but i am not listening
crashing. . .
all i wanted was to be pure

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this is an attempt to describe the emptiness of it all...the shallowness of it all...the
nothingness of it all...and the unimaginable beauty of it all...