creative writing from the dry bed

I go over there to see her, to get something definite. And she says is something wrong? And I say no, not really. And she says there is something wrong because you're not the same. You're being different. And I say I'm sorry but these things can't go on, not like this anymore. And she says why not? Aren't you happy? I am. And I say maybe I am right now but things are bound to get bad. The situation is unstable. We are hyperextended. One of us is bound to get hurt and it's probably going to be me. She thinks and understands (except the hyper-extended part). And she says I wish things didn't have to be like this. And I say me too. And she says can we still be friends? And I say no, not right now. And she starts to cry and says why not? And I ask her to stop crying and she doesn't and I say I have to leave and she says stay for a bit and I say no. And she cries again and gives me a hug and says bye and stands there at the door and looks stupid crying. And I drive away quick and feel like hell for a few days and then I'm O.K.

-- Mvb

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