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"A number of the bigger crocodilians are perversely unable to see the special nature of the human animal, and absent-mindedly eat him from time to time." -- Archie Carr, 1940 
o Wall of Noise, Couch, and Ass Baboons of Venus 
Hey, do you remember the name of that wall of noise band we saw play at the Blind Pig?

o Testicular Trauma: Thoughts on Designer Imposter Body Spray 
The man, with a smug-as-hell grin, SPRAYS HIS CROTCH AND CHUCKLES! 

o Squirrel Fishing  
A new approach to rodent performance evaluation. 

o One, by Dead Foetus (real audio) 
An insane crashing through Jill Anderson's poetry, accompanied by broken guitar strings. (Need a RealAudio player?) 

o skullbrain, by Dead Foetus (real audio) 
A little ditty about lost desire. 

o Nobody smells like you, by Dead Foetus & Mythago (real audio) 
Ride the harmonica through a moon dream shiver... 

o Dare ya', by Dead Foetus (real audio) 
Nothing is free, dare ya' even to try...  (plus acoustic version)

o Wheeee!  (flash)
All about gonads & strife. 

o Echo Pointé 
The smiley face leaps.. 

o Home Alien Abduction Kit 
If you've been abducted by aliens but lack proof... 

o Jamming a Pair of Scissors Repeatedly Into Your Crotch 
As natural as breathing! 

o Editors Say Stuff 
Some words from the beings who put this stuff together. 
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