And We Wail

	Blasted filth and painful gropings
	mean little in this horrible world
	of misunderstanding
	nigger faggot call me an asshole
	don't tell me what to do bitchfuck women-girl
	die through closed eyes and nothing
	don't know, don't care, don't try
	hurt me, just so I feel
	don't laugh, don't cry
	i only eat rocks
	because they are hard to chew
	challenges give us a chance
	persecution is so difficult
	broken teeth and ripped gums
	fragment our sidewalks of laughing beggars
	and drunks who pretend to be who they are not
	silly rabbit, trix are for kids
	only kids know
	who they are
	they just play
	we fucking work because we are dumb
	not to make things better
	but to make things worse
	pounding headache plastered face
	dreading tomorrow and age
	death and fragility
	weak religions that rely on fear
	no love, no myth, no ideal
	and we die hopelessly alone
	hidden from wholeness
	not well
	sick with want and desire
	of things we can't have
	because we don't look for them
	dripping faucet a drastic reminder
	of the inevitable sink that does not work
	and a plumber who doesn't care
	pouched coveralls filled with funny-shaped tools
	that don't do the job they're supposed to
	grin slide a knife through your belly 
	blood warm and red
	sees no salvation
	and weakness brings out more despair
	shadows of art censored
	from wonder
	hidden from hope
	forgotten and lost forever from controversy
	unchanging humanity of limits reached
	animals always, we fall to dust
	no more do we walk
	we hobble, crippled, half-dead
	sure to offend by our very presence of thought
	goblet filled chalice of fakery
	holy grail to none and all
	what is evil when there is no good?
	questions and answers and made up words
	ideas and differences
	illusion and function
	virtual being brought alive by belief
	dashed to pieces by people who think
	they are right
	when wrong is not known
	and chickens lay eggs
	on dorito sandwiches
	mildewed with time
	fluttered with weak attachments
	friendships of chance
	values twisted
	solutions grabbed and misused
	we fail miserably
	it's in us
	cut it away and we die
	keep it safe and we try
	for what though
	and why

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