Issue # 4

Meaningless Dribble

"I'm just going to get them before they get me."
-- Henry, portrait of a serial killer
Laugh when you are feeling crazy. That way, other people will look at you funny. They will never know why you are laughing.

Inserted words and a need and yet an incapability that is staggering with its presence. typing, typing, to get somewhere. it is like walking down the road, walking, hot sun up high, staring you down, and you know that sun can stare longer in your eyes than you can stare into it. It is stronger, and has been around for awhile. more walking, sun still there, not thinking about it anymore. walk, people fall to the side, killed because they walk too slow. pick up the pace, walk, walking. run one time when someone you know goes down, trying to avoid what their not-being-there means. walk, walking, on and on and on.

Assess what we've learned. to know what to add to the soup you need to know what was in the soup in the first place. bright insight: this is much more productive than Tetris.

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o Settle the Score
o unknown Legend
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