Oddities, Myths, & Other Stuff


We keep wondering about the Man-Who-Talks-To-God as we see him around Ann Arbor time and time again, a walking, breathing legend. His often red-painted nails, his computer type gadget that could be an etch-a-sketch, but is probably some combination of ham radio and Speak & Spell game, all these characteristics combine to create one interesting fellow. If you are ever in Ann Arbor and you see him, say hi. It can't hurt.

Stuff We Want

We'd still like to get our hands on either Dead Fetus album. We saw them live in Cleveland (awesome!) but haven't been able to come across their recorded material.

We've secured the issue of Hate with the Evan Corcoran letter; thank for all the offers. Ads (see inside back page for rates)

Any reasonably clean animal skull.

Stuff Other People Want

(feel free to write and ask for stuff, we'll keep track, and if we get it, we'll get the stuff to you)

A healing stone (the kind of smooth rock with a natural hole in the middle).

Neat, old 8 mm movies.

Independent filmmaker to creatively film a wedding.

Locations of interesting graffitti and similar artwork.

A simple, non-designer chook.

Conversation heard on the street:

D: What are you doing today?
C: Nothing . . .
D: No, really?
C: Well, Iím going to have lunch with Tonya. Other than that Iím doing nothing. Since I canít find a job I figured I better lower my goals. This way I can achieve something, therefore my goal is to do absolutely nothing.

free winona


Who are Winona's parents?
Why does no one hate her?
Don't you wonder?

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