Issue #5

Well, here is our fifth issue. It has gone through quite a change in it's transition to the web and I think it's the better for it. If PRAISE BOB strikes a nerve, or encourages thought, get out and do something! Talk, write, communicate! Only through interaction can we approach ourselves, become alive. Give in to stupidity and stupid things happen. Give in to apathy and you die.

Human behavior. Crazy, crazy stuff. We were sitting around the other day talking about black hair and girlish faces . . . something bound together, a dancing creature with perfect breasts. Tears, and concern for the animals. Eat more porridge, Goldilocks! There is something important here, something wildly strange, but if you donít live it is gone and what memories will you have to look back on when you are eighty? Think on this, and act accordingly

o Winged Belief
o unknown Legend
o Musicology with Bob
o Prophecy
o Lovegirls
o Coming Alive
o Oddities, Myths, & Other Stuff
o Editors say . . .

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