"You can never get to know yourself through contemplation, but only through action; try to do . . . and you will soon know who you are."

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Okay. We've had some complaints about a few profane words appearing in our publication. We checked this out. We had eight possibly offensive words in our last issue, out of a total 6,216 words. A small number. Take note of the ratio: 1 to 777. That means only .13 % of our total material contains profanities. Not tremendously awful. And what else do we have going for us? 777 is a pure number. Check mythology. (Unless you figure the number's been corrupted by birth control companies).

What's our point? Fuck off! No, actually, we believe that relying on vulgarity to shock is a cheap method; it comes too easy. Such a surface thing does not tell any story. Humans are more complex than that. Our words appear, not many, but there.

Why your car needs PRAISE BOB We are looking for submissions of material. Articles, artwork, whatever. We will print things pretty much word for word, if we print it at all. So go ahead, try to add your voice to our magazine. If we donít print your stuff, it doesnít mean we donít like you.

For those of you who would like to advertise in the printed edition of Praise Bob, contact us at our email address for our rates. They are very reasonable.

If you have some comment, write us. We will respond to one and all, and may even include a few readerís letters in future issues. Like weíve said, weíll accept almost anything, unless it is total mind rot.

Human behavior. Crazy, crazy stuff. We were sitting around the other day talking about black hair and girlish faces . . . something bound together, a dancing creature with perfect breasts. Tears, and concern for the animals. Eat more porridge, Goldilocks! There is something important here, something wildly strange, but if you donít live it is gone and what memories will you have to look back on when you are eighty? Think on this, and act accordingly.

Christian & Hodester
The Editors

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