In human consciousness, belief creates the impression of reality. People believe many different things. By believing we make the world real for ourselves, and create our own subjective realities. Unfortunately, much of this creation is done blindly or unconsciously.

o Wet Eyes
The match caught, and she held it up to me.
o Dreams
Sleep deprivation spurns wondrous fantasies.
o unknown Legend
In previous episodes of ukL, MvB had traveled from A2, MI to some undisclosed location inside of TX at a specific time (t) and is currently on his way home. At this space-time intersection (tx), MvB's motorcycle has blown a tire and he is currently preparing to get it transferred en masse.
o Musicology 101 with Bob
There has been a lot of new releases since the last issue. I would like to share a few of the more interesting and/or noteworthy ones with you.
o Reality Shaping
"Did you ever play that kid's drawing game where you connect the dots to make a picture?" Bob asked me sometime later.
o Vulgarity
o Editors Say

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