In previous episodes of ukL, MvB had traveled from A2, MI to some undisclosed location inside of TX at a specific time (t) and is currently on his way home. At this space-time intersection (tx), MvB's motorcycle has blown a tire and he is currently preparing to get it transferred en masse.

Step Six: Put the bike on the flatbed truck (a good truck, it is). Tie it He will tie it down improperly. Know this, but do not let on; it could prove to be dangerous. Get into the truck with him and drive 40 feet before the bike falls over doing no damage. Get out with him and tie the bike down more or less properly. Get back in and drive 5 feet before hearing a huge explosion. go ahead and panic. Look behind you and see a very large truck tire scream through the space you yourself occupied just minutes ago at a tremendous rate of speed. It will go down the embankment cross two highways narrowly missing a van and also a pedestrian before slamming into the side of a food mart (the very one you bought the cigarettes and pepsi and other stuff while you were waiting for the tow truck (you bought it with a credit card). The tire will then turn right and continue down a road out of sight. Also there is another large bang when the tire hits the wall of the food mart - have another coke at Denny's (#5) - they're free. You probably won't get sick and those people are still playing this glancing exchange game. It's 12:30 now, my time. Fuck Child's Play. The girl 2 tables back from the glancing couple is attractive.

Step Seven: Discuss briefly with your driver how you both were almost killed by a rolling mass of rubber truck tire.

Step Eight: Drive for 5 minutes and then you'll hear a really big explosion. The driver will pull over, and, upon examination he will discover that the end of the tie down straps (5000 lb. test or so) got caught in the backwheel of the truck and actually snapped, leaving your motorcycle still standing and none worse for the wear, apparently. The pretty girl and her boy have just left to pay the bill; soon she will be out of my life forever! Good. Bye.

Step Nine: Refasten the motorcycle, have it towed to the shop, have the driver take you two other places to get cash to pay him (he will not take credit cards and you should be out of cash at this point). Pay him and tip him big because for safety's sake and because he really is a nice guy even though he knows not dick about towing motorcycles. Play one more round of glance-glance and leave Denny's quick! Get back to the Hotel at 12:55 or so. The TV will be on and blaring and the air conditioning will be on full blast. ALWAYS leave hotel rooms in this way. It is always the best thing to do. Trust me. Get in and turn everything down to reasonable levels. Be pissed off that you're not dedicated enough to finish this up right now. Get back to it later.

This ends yet another installment of an unknown Legend. Next month ride with von Bulstecomit in steps 10, 11, 12, & 13 as he's propositioned by a young, well-dressed prostitute and gets his tire repaired by Clinton.

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