In previous episodes of ukL, MvB had traveled from A2, MI to some undisclosed location inside of TX at a specific time (t) and is currently on his way home. At this space-time intersection (tx), MvB's motorcycle tire is being repaired by Clinton and he is propositioned by a well-dressed young prostitute.

Step Ten: Get your tire repaired by Clinton at the bike shop. It should take about three hours. In the meantime, go across the street to an unremarkable Mexican restaurant with remarkably good food (it's always a good bet to eat Mexican at a restaurant filled with Mexicans (or "wetbacks" as our tow driver kindly referred to them)) and then to an unremarkable bar. Drink nothing but water while there. Watch a man get thrown out of the bar for begging for alcohol and thank the good lord you quit when you did. I wonder how the lines on the last page got so slanted.

Step Eleven: When the bike is done, get on and get going. Get lost trying to find your way back to the highway and don't care; it's an awfully big highway. Get to the highway and drive, drive, drive. Drive till its after dark and until you get to a town that you think might have some fun in store for you.

Step Twelve: Stop at a gas station to use a phonebook to look for fun. Be propositioned by a young well-dressed black prostitute. It will go something like this:

The proposition:

Her: "Excuse me sir."

You: "What?"

Her: "May I ask you a question?"

You: "Huh"?"

Her: "Let me ask you a question."

You: "O.K."

Her: "Do you think I'm pretty?"

You: "Sure, sure you're pretty."

Her: "Well..."

At this point she will look at you in that special way.

You: "No, no thanks. Not interested."

She will walk away disappointed.

I just can't imagine having gotten a hotel room with this black girl to get some interracial blow job or even having boffed the girl what with the high availability of the various sundry diseases swarming around these days. Besides I have a girlfriend. Perhaps these points were listed somewhat out of order. In any case I would suggest you follow in the same path of events although at this point it may not really matter; chances are you'll still end up at the Denny's experiencing some form of highly caffeinated weirdness.

Step Thirteen: Get a hotel room and leave it in search of highly caffeinated weirdness; try Denny's. Be sure to leave the motel room as previously specified. Proceed as aforementioned has stated.

This ends yet another installment of an unknown Legend. Next month ride with von Bulstecomit through the rest of his story of toads, arguments, and when to tip big.
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