Praise Bob #7



Brush Dance

Being true to yourself
is the one and only
Yurok Indian law.
Only through interaction can we approach ourselves, become alive.
o On the steeple with the shakes
When you initially met this person you knew she wasn't going to be in your world very much longer. But you try, because isn't that how it always is?
o unknown Legend
Get your tire repaired by Clinton at the bike shop.
o Musicology 101 by Bob
Listen as Bob tells you about some of his favorite recordings when this issue originally debuted in print!
o Broken Boy's Fancy
We found the flowery buds of the purple clover flowers and pulled them out, eating the tips. A delicate sweetness spread through my mouth as I kissed her.
o Photo Finish
greedily ripping off chunks of insignificant flesh...
o Meerschol von Bulstecomit's Famous Rules of Dating
First and foremost, keep your date alive at all times.

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