praise bob # 9

unknown Legend

pussy skinI'm in the bathroom of Cheekas right now. Incidentally, if I would have chosen to say "drop that white trash motherfucker and have a much better time with a real man" or even have read any of my writings I might be dead now. This is why to carry a gun or to learn martial arts.

Now it's 12:30 and I'm 50 miles South of Chicago. Only a few more hours. 12:30 my time, 1:30 yours. I'm back in Denny's drinking a soda and about to eat a veggie melt this time. Meat is murder, don't you know.

I never got back to exactly how to end up in the dennys (the first one) though. I mentioned that the path of action is fairly easy but there are a few tough parts.

Tough Part 1: You must manage to start at the exact point and at the exact time that I started. Right now I'm not sure of either but I'm sure I'll be able to nail them down once the appropriate space-time warp becomes available. When the map may be obtained I'm certain there will be facilities available to travel to the correct start time as well as place.

MvBTough Part 2: You have to be me, Meerschol von Bulstecomit, I.D. # 460892313. This may prove to be tricky, but I'm sure by the time space-time maps are readily available, there will be some way to do it. If you need permission from me, let it be noted that I Meerschol von Bulstecomit (ID 460892313) hereby give you permission to do as aforementioned this day of late August, probably Friday.

This ends the story of our much loved
and infamous unknown Legend.
Meerschool von Bulstecomit, though, has much more to say.

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Praise Bob Issue # 9
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