Rumble & Woodsmoke

o Pussy Galore
ooby Deborah Bacharach  
o Butterfly Screams
ooby Jody Schiesser
o Only the dead work with magic
ooby Jody Schiesser
o Road Kill
ooby John Grey
o i wanna fungxng diyyy
ooby Alex Drayton
o Angel
ooby Bonnie L. Johnston
o death of an innocence
ooby Jen Jurgens
o ice cream truck tragedy
ooby Jody Schiesser
o Riddlekisses
ooby Jody Schiesser
o She's the Wind
ooby JL Hooker 
o Twilight
ooby Mark Newlon 
o For Jenny Joseph and Anne Davis
ooby Pete Davis 
o Ozymandias
ooby Percy Bysshe Shelley
o From 'A Coney Island of the Mind'
ooby Lawrence Ferlinghetti
o the misted moon
ooby Jennifer Crystal Chien
o Blues (from 
ooby Elizabeth Alexander
o Since You Ask (from CleanSheets)
ooby Lorri Lambert-Smith  

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