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    "Neither the sun nor death can be looked at steadily." 
    -- La Rochefoucauld 
    "I haven't had no milk and butter since that cow's been gone." 
    -- Elvis 
*wink* o Praise Bob # 4 
Travel with Merschol von Bultscommint & amaze your friends with wonder glue. 

o Praise Bob # 5 
We were sitting around the other day talking about black hair and girlish faces... something bound together, a dancing creature with perfect breasts. Tears, and concern for the animals. Eat more porridge, Goldilocks! 

o Praise Bob # 6 
Realityshaping, matchgirls, and the sleep deprivation of godmind. 

o Praise Bob # 7 
I knew why I was there. I'd written much about beauty, about what I saw and brought out from within things, and within people. Could such a thing be accomplished with a camera, with a photograph? 

o Praise Bob # 8 
fill my inner being a girl with flesh as white as cream and hair as black and eyes as blue as the bruises left when love is through . . . (includes musings on Wendy Whoppers, sex, death, and goth girls!)

The Madness is Everywhere


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